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Integrated Auditing Courses

QCS can deliver courses on auditing that cover more than one standard or discipline. For example, you may hold certification to both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and want your auditors to become more efficient and cover both within a single audit.

By combining your audits together provides you with a more holistic view of how effective your management system is. Sometimes a focus on quality may take the need to understand health and safety requirements, or to only think about environment means that the quality of your products may be affected. By having auditors that can consider the evidence they see from all angles it makes for a more pertinent and useful audit.

We can deliver integrated audits for 2 or three standards in any combination of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. We only do this type of training as an in-house option at your premises as we always include a live audit. This means your trainee auditors get to deliver an audit as part of the training, under supervision.

Included in the training are the following elements:

  • Background and introduction to the relevant standards (9001,14001,45001 combination)
  • How to prepare and plan for an audit – includes preparation of a checklist to be used as part of the training course
  • Conducting audits – collecting objective evidence required – using the checklist within your company to then interview staff and visit departments as required
  • Writing audit findings that can be used to drive improvement within the organisation
  • Considering good corrective actions to take when a nonconformance is found

Out integrated auditing courses, with live audits included, last for three days and offer an excellent mix of theory and practical learning experiences. We always develop the course bespoke to your needs, mirror your own procedures and requirements and ensure that the whole experience is highly relevant to your organisation.

If you may be interested in getting a quote for an integrated auditor course just drop us a line below or call us on 01236 734447. All we need to know is what standards/combination of standards you need us to cover and how many delegates you have as a start.