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ISO 9001 Internal Auditor Course

Our ISO 9001 Internal Auditor Training Course is delivered by highly trained and qualified experts who have many years of auditing experience. This practical and interactive two-day course will provide you with all the skills required to perform effective internal audits of your quality management system.

This ISO 9001 internal auditor training is a CQI and IRCA certified course and will give you the very latest insights in how to perform an effective internal audit, in addition to giving you a qualification that your customers and your certification body will recognise.

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This training course will cover the following topics:

  • How to get maximum benefits from your internal quality audits.
  • Purpose of a Quality Management System.
  • Become a value-added quality auditor: The key steps you should follow to plan, prepare and perform an effective quality management system audit.
  • How to effectively perform your internal quality audit by knowing the right questions to ask.
  • The secrets of becoming a ‘process based’ internal auditor and why this is important for ISO 9001 systems.
  • How you can write a non-conformity that will deliver an effective corrective action every time.
  • The 7 Quality Principles

This course is for anyone who wishes to conduct an effective internal quality audit, are involved in developing audit plans and the management of internal audit programmes.

To attend this course please see IRCA pre course knowledge requirements. If you believe you do not have the pre-course knowledge, we recommend you take our ISO 9001 Foundation Training Course first. This will give you all the necessary knowledge in preparation for this audit course.

If you have already completed this course or you would like further training, we also offer an ISO 9001 Lead Auditor Training Course.

This ISO 9001 internal auditor training will give you a thorough understanding of how to perform a value adding internal audit on your organisation’s processes. It will help you and your organisation to identify gaps and weaknesses in your quality management system and be used as a basis for improvement.

This course, combined with an ISO 9001 Foundation course, satisfies the formal training requirements for those wishing to register with CQI and IRCA as an Internal Quality Management System Auditor.

Our Approach to Training Courses

We believe that learning becomes easier and more effective if you, as a delegate, feel more involved and participate. As we lead the engaging training experience, we actively encourage thought, analysis, and involvement from participants to ensure you gain greater insight and understanding of ISO 9001.

IRCA Approved Training Partner

We are proud to be an IRCA approved training partner and this course is CQI and IRCA certified (17996). Our company and our trainers undergo intensive inspection and assessment every year with the International Register of Certificated Auditors (IRCA). This means that the qualifications obtained from completion of this course are valid and will be recognised by your customers and certification body.

If you would like further information on this training course, you can speak to our experts by calling

01236 734447

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Early bird discounts are obtained by reserving a place and paying the discounted fee at the time of booking or invoice date. Two for less discounts are available for two or more people from the same organisation attending the same course, making the reservation at the same time and paying the discounted fee by the invoice date. For all discounts no cancellation refunds are available but transfer may be possible with at least 15 days notice.

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