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Safety Advisor Service

Your personal safety team, on demand, wherever you need us.

Our Safety Advisor Service is designed to make life easier and simpler, providing you with your own team of health & safety specialists when you need it, where you need it.

Navigating the complexities of health and safety regulations can be daunting. For many organisations, hiring dedicated professionals isn't always practical. Others, while having in-house experts, may require additional support for specific projects. Our Safety Advisor Service offers a comprehensive solution and is tailored to your unique needs and resources.

What is a Health and Safety Advisor?

A Health & Safety Advisor is a trained h&s expert responsible for ensuring that workplaces adhere to safety regulations and maintain a safe environment for employees, customers, and visitors. These advisors are knowledgeable in local and national safety laws and regulations, as well as industry-specific guidelines. 

The primary role of a health and safety advisor is to assess workplace hazards, conduct risk assessments, and develop safety policies and procedures. They provide guidance to employers and employees on how to minimise risks, prevent accidents, and respond to emergencies. 

Health & safety consultants may also oversee safety training programs, conduct safety audits, and investigate workplace incidents to identify root causes and prevent recurrence. Overall, their goal is to create a culture of safety within an organisation and ensure compliance with all relevant health and safety standards.

Key features of our service:

  • Customised Support: We adapt to your evolving business needs with an agreed number of consultancy or training days throughout the year.
  • Industry-Specific Templates: Access relevant document templates designed for your industry sector.
  • Document Review: Let us fine-tune your draft documents for compliance and efficiency.
  • Dedicated Client Area: Seamlessly access your cloud-based client area online for easy collaboration and document storage.
  • Stay Informed: Receive newsletters and news alerts to stay updated on safety regulations.
  • Compliance Assurance: Designate us as your "competent person" to ensure adherence to health and safety legislation.
  • Safety Audits: Thorough assessments of your safety protocols.
  • Risk Assessments: General risk assessments to identify potential hazards.
  • Policy and Procedure Development: Tailored safety policies and procedures.
  • Fire Risk Management: Comprehensive fire risk assessments and management solutions.
  • Noise Assessment Services: Protect your workforce from noise-related risks.
  • Occupational Hygiene: Maintain a healthy workplace environment.
  • Asbestos Management: Expert surveying and asbestos management services.
  • Legionella Risk Management: Identify and manage legionella risks effectively.
  • Safety Meetings and Committees: Our experts can attend and contribute to safety meetings.
  • Incident Investigations: Investigate and learn from accidents and incidents.
  • Practical Safety Training: Diverse training options, including working at heights, manual handling, fire awareness, fire marshalling, and more.

Why use a health and safety advisor?

Whether you're a small business navigating complex regulations or a larger organisation requiring additional resources for specific projects, using an outsourced h&s advisor service can be a huge benefit. 

From risk assessments and policy development to incident investigations and comprehensive training, safety advisors provide a holistic approach to safety management, helping you create a secure and compliant work environment.

With our Safety Advisor Service, you can focus on your core business, knowing that your safety requirements are in capable hands.

At QCS, we're here to simplify your safety journey. Get in touch today to discuss how our dedicated team of health and safety consultants can enhance your safety efforts and keep your organisation compliant.

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"QCS supported us in setting up a bespoke integrated internal audit programme. Scottish Power has worked closely with QCS over the years and the benefits are substantial. As we continue to grow and develop we see the partnership and confidence we have with QCS strengthening...."Quality Adviser – Scottish Power Energy Wholesale